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Welcome to SoarinDash Lovers!

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We accept:

:bulletblue: Art with Soarin and Rainbow Dash together in it. Doesn't need to be romantic or as a couple, just as long as it's them together.
:bulletblue: Art of Soarin and Rainbow Dash's children.
:bulletblue: Group artwork with Soarin and Rainbow Dash in it (have to be side-by-side, however).
:bulletblue: Comics/Ask Tumblrs/Cosplay/Etc. with Soarin and Rainbow Dash and/or their children.
:bulletblue: Bases that have effort in them.

* Keep in mind, our group does allow mature content, in any folder.

We do not accept:

:bulletblue: Art of Soarin and Rainbow Dash by themselves. They must be together for the submission to be accepted.
:bulletblue: Pairing memes such as: and
:bulletblue: Pony creator images or any other random creator images off of other creators.
:bulletblue: Taking others images or cut/pasted screenshots and sticking them on a random background. Be creative, make or draw something! (Wallpapers are an exception)
:bulletblue: Reposts of other people's artwork. Again, be creative and make something yourself.

:iconsoarinplz: :heart: :icondashhiyaplz:
Heyo, all :meow: None of you know me, but I'm a new-found Co-Founder for our fair group, named NavelColt. Having enjoyed SoarinDash as one of the few pairings I follow for a while now, and also having created a Soarin fanclub known as SoarinFree recently for Soarin himself, I've joined up to help us continue to grow further, and to bring as much Pie PonyXRainbow Pony artworks on board as humanly ponily possible :D

*The following contains spoilers :meow:*

First things first, as many of you have already sent us comments about, the tenth episode of season 4, Rainbow Falls, has given us a strong abundance of SoarinDash moments, that I'm sure most of us are more than a little excited to have seen :la: Between Dash having saved Soarin from his accidental fall, the two of them bonding in the hospital over a shared dilemma, and Dash defending Soarin against his teammates decisions to leave him on the metaphorical bench in favor of her, I'd say that SoarinDash has gained momentous progress as far as the in-show shipping material is concerned, and is easily becoming a leading in-show pairing :D *Your reign will one day end, Sparity ;P* And I dare say we may be in for more chances of these two being together this season, as the Equestria Games progress.

*End spoilers :P*

Other than myself being brought on board with the staff team, one other noticeable group note is that we now have a written policy on mature content, wherein there was no such thing, before-hand. The policy is that there is none! :la: Mature content is completely allowed in all folders, and now that fact will be crystal clear to new members and current members alike, as it is mentioned clearly on the group's homepage.

Thanks for reading everyone! :D
Let's all cross hooves and await to see what the rest of this season brings us :popcorn:
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Johesy Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
The requested picture is already in your gallery, but thanks anyway =P
TheDragonWarlock Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2015
So has this new episode really hurt SoarinDash? I feel it has really hurt it a lot considering Soarin's actions. Yes, I get he's second in command and there was really only an eye witness account to back up the claims, but he certainly didn't come to Rainbow's defense, did he? He was really quick to allow the accusations to fly and doesn't recall any of the times Rainbow helped him or the other Wonderbolts. It makes you wonder just how bad is leadership amongst the Wonderbolts.
Tsundra Featured By Owner Edited Sep 27, 2015  New Deviant
good I think it was a good ep after all. like when the Soarin arrive at that hour when the Rainbow was talking with Rarity and Rainbow dise he thanked for coming to her because otherwise she would not have to talk so Soarin appeared behind them and say "you speak to me" even gave flirting look at her I almost went bad for joy (because I was right)
Max16032 Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2015
If you ask me, it didn't. Quite the contrary.

You're right, we have seen nothing but friendly interaction between them BUT, not everything is sugar-coated all the time. This showed some tension between them, and that to me is very healthy for a ship as we see them pass through difficult times. No relationship is perfect; they'd obvious pass through these situations if they ever were a couple soon or later.

Also, this episode makes Soarin' even better for Dash, because he may be a pie-loving goofball, but he takes his job seriously when needed. This is crucial for Soarindash to work, since Dash also has this duality: Funny enough to make her laugh, but competitive enough to be a REAL challenge for her.

S: "Uh, Rainbow Dash?"
RD: *blushes* Coming!

No one missed THAT , right??

My inner shipper is satisfied
TheDragonWarlock Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2015
I think that blush is more RD being embarrassed about what she did. At least that's my opinion.
Tsundra Featured By Owner Edited Sep 27, 2015  New Deviant
I think the shaming has more than one meaning (shame and also because she must have Perceived shame that was passing in front of it) must have good two-way;) (I think)
soan Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2015
I honestly think he's the most level headed Wonderbolt.  Even in Rainbow Falls.  It's true he asked her where she was (sounding like he ganged up on her), it was quite a valid question.  Her daydream did not help her case and all signs seemed to point her blame.  Even all the other Wonderbolts told him to suspend her.  Deep down I do believe he wanted to prove them wrong.  His "harsh" words were more "I can't believe this, I don't want to believe this" and if you listen to his words carefully he wasn't putting blame, just telling it like it is with words like "I would be forced" and "the bylaws are clear".  Though obviously, he does care about Spitfire too, so that was on his mind as well.

He was the first to ask her back to fly with them at least (though an apology would have been slightly better?)

I'm sure we'll see more of him next season or something.  He has improved so much since the first season.  He's also very flawed as much as the rest of the Wonderbolts not being a perfect team.
(1 Reply)
demolition-derpy Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2015
Well he gave her a chance to figure out who actually sent the letter, so he wasn't that bad, but considering all the times she saved him and the wonderbolts, he should of at list helped her out ( I actually thought that would happen). Anyways, It still had some good moments for the both of them.
TheDragonWarlock Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2015
I will give that Soarin did give RD time to clear her name, but he certainly didn't do much beyond that.
demolition-derpy Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2015
So, nobody's going to give their opinion of today's episode? I mean he was a little bit harch, but the episode was great overall, Right? No? Maybe?
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